African Century believes that sustainable economic and social impact will be achieved by developing high quality, large-scale businesses that create employment both directly and indirectly through their supply chains.

Within our businesses we run a variety of development programmes which benefit our staff and our local communities. In February 2015 we opened a school in Lichinga where African Century Agriculture’s farming operations is based. Our donations have funded the refurbishment of a school building, equipment and a teacher, so bringing education for the first time to this community, both for children, and also providing lessons for our farm workers.

In September 2015, the African Century Foundation was formed, which will take the lead in all of African Century’s charitable initiatives with a particular focus on education and health-care in the countries in which African Century operates.

We work closely with our partners in the DFI community to ensure that we work to the global standards of environmental and social governance set out by various bodies including the IFC and the UN Principles of Responsible Development.