African Century Foods farms freshwater fish and is building a large scale production and distribution business across sub-Saharan Africa.

African Century Foods is the principal shareholder in Lake Harvest, a pan-sub-Saharan African fish farming business. This is already the largest fish farming business in Africa.

The business is focussed on achieving the lowest cost of production for high quality protein, thereby making its products accessible to consumers across the region.

We are currently invested in three freshwater fish farms – on Lake Kariba in north Zimbabwe; Lake Kariba in Zambia and Lake Victoria in Uganda. These farms breed, grow, harvest, process and distribute Tilapia, an indigenous white freshwater fish. Our current production is circa 10,000 tons; about 20 million fish per annum.

The operations are fully integrated with their own hatcheries, feed mills, lake-based cage farming, processing plants, refrigerated freight and distribution depots. We sell both fresh and frozen fish products to the domestic and regional markets accessible from our farms.

The business employs over 700 people across its operations.

In 2012, Norfund invested in African Century Foods.  The business has also been funded through credit facilities brought into its various operations.

Approximately 200 million Africans currently have fish as a regular source of protein in their diets. With increasing pressure on wild catch (both within the African continent and globally) farmed fish represents the most viable way forward for significantly growing African fish supply.

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