African Century Agriculture has a commercial farming operation in Mozambique

African Century Agriculture was established in 2012 to provide a focussed platform for the production, procurement and logistical management of agricultural raw material commodities for stock feed – soya beans and maize.

In 2012, African Century Agriculture entered into a joint venture with Fundacao Malonda to restore a 3,800 hectare farm in Niassa province, northern Mozambique. The farm, ACMatama, is located close to the town of Lichinga. In the first full year of operation (2013), 450 hectares were cultivated, all of it with soyabeans. The operation has gradually expanded, and there is now just over 1,000 hectares under cultivation, with a range of crops including soyabeans, maize, sugar beans and potatoes.

ACMatama has also established a school adjacent to the farm complex, offering education to local children during the day, and to the employees of the farm in the afternoon/evening (see African Century Foundation).

African Century Agriculture has brought in AgDevCo to help finance its Mozambican operations.